Climate feedback systems – lesson 1.7

In this lesson, Prof. Lenton introduced the climate feedbacks concept.

It made me realise why it ‘s so difficult to understand the climate systems. There are no simple or obviuos effects, nature has its secrets. Global temperature is not governed only by greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere. It is not directly poportional. There are factors that can increase temperature (positive feedback) and, on the other hand, there are factors that dedrease temperature (negative feedback).

As I did’n know about the feedback effects in climate science, I seached for further information. I found an interesting article that I’d like to share with you.

“The Earth’s Changing Climate. Man-Made Changes and Their Consequences”. P.K. Das. RESONANCE. p. 54-65. March 1996.

Here is the pdf: climate change

It adds more information on other feedback mechanisms, including the depletion of ozone COOLING effect, wich was a surprise for me:

“The four principal cooling mechanisms are: (i) ozone depletion in the lower stratosphere, (ii) backscattering and reflection of short wave solar radiation by dust particles and aerosols, especially in the vicinity of sulphur emissions, (iii) clouds and (iv) CO 2 at high altitudes of the atmosphere.”

Best regards, mates! Good luck in your studies!



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