Training the tone

Writing about the place I live in an objective tone:

I live in an apartment at the 10th floor of a comfortable building. It was built on the 90’s so it is not as small as the modern ones. There is enough space for me, my husband and my eight cats. The apartment has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a quite large kitchen and a also a room where me and my husband are used to be at the sofa watching TV.

Writing about the place I live in a sentimental tone:

I live in an apartment that belongs to my mother. I’ve already lived here before when I was a teenager, and I have many good memories from that time. Although the neighborhood changed quite a lot, most of the buildings remains the same and the park that is close from my building is still similar to twenty years ago. Particularly, I like to study in the mornings in the sunlight at my former bedroom, that is now arranged as an office. This is a very cozy room and I feel very comfortable there, as I did twenty years ago.

Writing about the place I live in a frustrated tone:

I live in an apartment that is quite a mess. When I moved here, I didn’t have enough furniture, so I had to buy some cheap stuff just to have something to fill the place. The courtains are very old, they’re from twenty years ago so they’re out-of-date and has some minor problems, as some parts are rotten and decayed. I wish I could make it up but I just can’t do it now  because I’m not working at the moment so I don’t have enough money to do so. Unfortunately,  I have to cope with this poor conditions for now.


Daily writing

In general, I’m not used to write in english everyday. But I must warm up my engines in order to write some papers for my PhD course, what is a huge challenge for me. For this reason, I started to volunteer on a writing project at my University, and I felt I needed to improve my English. The next step was to join a English course, after a gap of 21 years. Fortunately, I wasn’t that bad in English because I practiced quite often on my work, although I must confess I was quite lost at the beginning and unfortunately until the end!

It was an exhaustive task for me but, luckily, I finished the year with a “pass” – what sounded like an “A” for me. I felt so happy! Now I plan to keep studying English, however in a more informal way, like this MOOC and by myself. Well, sorry for loosing focus! Let’s go back to the task! Summarizing, I wrote texts in english at least twice a week during this year to fulfill the English classes’ homeworks. So, I didn’t write for fun, unfortunately! I can say I wrote for school.

Although it’s a tough task for me, I must say I like to write in English. I feel challenged. It can be difficult to achieve my goals, because I don’t remember almost anything from grammar and there are many things I still need to learn. Despite of these problems, writing in English needs full attention and I must say it works better than therapy, sometimes! It makes me forget everyting else and focus on the present, working similarly to meditation, lol. 😀

Well, as a conclusion, my goal in this MOOC is specifically to improve my academic writing. I wish I had time to improve other genre of texts, but as a PhD student, I need to focus on my carrer now. By the way, I must confess I’m not that young anymore, so I’m in a kind of a hurry. Maybe in the future I can study English again at a proper course and get my CPE!


Going on a new MOOC! Academic and Business Writing at edX

Well, here I am again! It seems this is a good opportunity to go back to this blog. I started a new MOOC, on Academic and Business Writing at edX.

This is my first course at edX, and I’m very happy to be joining this activity. They asked us to keep a journal that could be on a public blog. Than, I’ll be writing here weekly until the course finishes on february.

This week’s assignment is about writing in english. Here is what it says:

Think about the type of writing you do in your daily life, especially in English. Do you write for fun? For your job? For school?

In your journal this week:

  • Write a paragraph about what type of writing you typically do.
  • In another paragraph, write what you think about writing. Do you enjoy it? Dread it?
  • Finally, write another paragraph about what area of writing you need to improve most. Do you want to be a better essay writer? A more creative writer? A good business writer?

Be creative! This is your journal, so please use these guidelines loosely.

So… Here we go! See you on the next post!