Daily writing

In general, I’m not used to write in english everyday. But I must warm up my engines in order to write some papers for my PhD course, what is a huge challenge for me. For this reason, I started to volunteer on a writing project at my University, and I felt I needed to improve my English. The next step was to join a English course, after a gap of 21 years. Fortunately, I wasn’t that bad in English because I practiced quite often on my work, although I must confess I was quite lost at the beginning and unfortunately until the end!

It was an exhaustive task for me but, luckily, I finished the year with a “pass” – what sounded like an “A” for me. I felt so happy! Now I plan to keep studying English, however in a more informal way, like this MOOC and by myself. Well, sorry for loosing focus! Let’s go back to the task! Summarizing, I wrote texts in english at least twice a week during this year to fulfill the English classes’ homeworks. So, I didn’t write for fun, unfortunately! I can say I wrote for school.

Although it’s a tough task for me, I must say I like to write in English. I feel challenged. It can be difficult to achieve my goals, because I don’t remember almost anything from grammar and there are many things I still need to learn. Despite of these problems, writing in English needs full attention and I must say it works better than therapy, sometimes! It makes me forget everyting else and focus on the present, working similarly to meditation, lol. đŸ˜€

Well, as a conclusion, my goal in this MOOC is specifically to improve my academic writing. I wish I had time to improve other genre of texts, but as a PhD student, I need to focus on my carrer now. By the way, I must confess I’m not that young anymore, so I’m in a kind of a hurry. Maybe in the future I can study English again at a proper course and get my CPE!



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