Going on a new MOOC! Academic and Business Writing at edX

Well, here I am again! It seems this is a good opportunity to go back to this blog. I started a new MOOC, on Academic and Business Writing at edX.

This is my first course at edX, and I’m very happy to be joining this activity. They asked us to keep a journal that could be on a public blog. Than, I’ll be writing here weekly until the course finishes on february.

This week’s assignment is about writing in english. Here is what it says:

Think about the type of writing you do in your daily life, especially in English. Do you write for fun? For your job? For school?

In your journal this week:

  • Write a paragraph about what type of writing you typically do.
  • In another paragraph, write what you think about writing. Do you enjoy it? Dread it?
  • Finally, write another paragraph about what area of writing you need to improve most. Do you want to be a better essay writer? A more creative writer? A good business writer?

Be creative! This is your journal, so please use these guidelines loosely.

So… Here we go! See you on the next post!


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